T/Dr. Joalize Claassens

Joalize Claassens


EthnoMedicine Practitioner - D.Emed

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8 Years

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1 and Half hour

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About Me

I am a resilient, hardworking professional, driven by a dedication to excellence and fueled by good habits. My approach to interacting with others is grounded in respect and empathy, always striving to make a positive impact on those around me. Thriving in a fast-paced environment comes naturally to me, and I excel under pressure. Over the past decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to run my own business, an experience that has shaped me into a strong, independent individual. My entrepreneurial journey has instilled in me a relentless motivation to deliver the utmost satisfaction to clients and patients alike, while consistently projecting a positive and reputable image to the community. I take pride in my ability to maintain high standards of service while fostering meaningful connections with those I encounter. My goal is not only to meet expectations but to exceed them, leaving a lasting impression of professionalism, integrity, and genuine care.

My Qualifications

EthnoMedicine Practitioner - D.Emed

My Services

Traditional Healing
Diagnostic Equipment
Herbal Manufacturing / Shop


General Health Analysis
Herbal Health Products
Weight Management
Iridology Camera

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My Career

For a few years I have been trying to find my worth and reason. I have been introduced to an amazing new world of healing, never in my mind thought this would become the path I will be leading. I started to pay more attention in the healing process and came to the conclusion that the word “Healing” means so much more as it has been given credit for. Healing in so many other ways, body mind spirit. I got introduced to an unbelievable Training Center, with exceptional positive people who’s inspiration and satisfaction in healing was contagious. This made me realize, it’s where I belong. During the completion of my studies it became very clear that I love being a “Healer” in so many ways. My passion came to a high, every time when I see the amazing healing powers of Nature! It has always been there since the beginning of time…. Values I treasure about myself is my empathy, which comes naturally, the need to provide the best possible care and to treat clients with sensitivity and compassion. Building a relationship with each of my clients, taking time to listen and engage, building the trust which also improves the success of treatment and healing – empowering them with positive thoughts. I believe by assisting each client with proper knowledge on how to use the body’s own ability to heal you reach so much more in a more affordable way, by making a few minor changes in our daily lives especially diet, makes a major difference in living a more healthier lifestyle. I nurture the well-being of the whole person, respecting both physical and emotional needs, I am proud of being an Ethnomedicine Practitioner Healing the BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT

My Articles

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Contact Details

Country: South Africa
Phone: 0825663959

EMPASA Practitioners only section. Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. 

EMPASA Practitioners only section. 

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